Kombucha is a naturally fermented tea (similar to beer, wine, yogurt, kefir)- created with a unique and diverse community of organisms called a SCOBY

Symbiotic- Organisms that have a dependent and mutually beneficial relationship.

Colony- A group of organisms that live together in harmony...

Bacteria- Probiotics...you know these little guys- they keep your body protected, house the majority of your immune system, help break down your food into useable blocks...and they're cute. 

Yeast- Our favorite organism- responsible for such hits as Beer, Wine, bread, and booch. The yeast makes alcohol, which the probiotics use as food, to create all the beneficial acids and vitamins that make this such a great bevvy. 

It should be noted that kombucha does not heal, it brings your body into balance and lets your body do what it was designed to do!